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Terms and conditions

Conditions of participation for the plein air painting course

1. Participants participate in the event at their own risk. The organizer assumes no liability for loss, damage to health and property or theft.

2. Participants are solely responsible for transporting their works and equipment and bear their travel, meal and accommodation costs.

3. As part of the painting course, there is no insurance cover for the participants and pictures outside the organizer liability insurance.

4. The organizer proposes painting sites with interesting motifs and a necessary infrastructure. Participants will have the opportunity to choose a location after registering. In the event of extreme weather conditions, the event may be postponed by the organizer to another date suitable for the participants.

5. Participants agree with the registration that photos of them and their works in connection with the painting course will be published. Upon request, the participants are photographed from behind or blurred in the photos. The photos can be used for the promotion of the painting class. There is no marketing of image rights to third parties.