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Painting in harmony with nature - nothing stands between us and the subject. Only the eye and the hand, the warming sun and the wind of the sea. We become concentrated and aware of the fine color shades that the subject provides. People go by and look curious at the paintings. When the pictures are near completion, we get positive comments that make us feel good and give us confirmation.

Pleinair painting happens without aids - there is no grid for transmission of the subject, only the feeling, the logic and the eye decide in these paintings, what happens. The tight time and steadily changing lighting conditions determine where we continue. Colors make us feel. Whether a fresh green, a passionate red or a warm orange - they transfer their lively energy to us.

Paint your pictures with the colors that give you a positive feeling and experience a relaxing and creative activity outside! We paint with acrylic and water-soluble oil paints - so no harmful solvents are used.

Painting course
Foto: F. Koebsch

Now available with English translation...

Following the traces of Thomas Mann I travelled to Munich and Venice for my diploma thesis and made a two-by-two-metre wheel object. The individual stratifications of ideas on which the novel "Death in Venice" is based, I transfered for this experimental object into a pictorial language. Artistic photographs and an artist book with a bookcase complete the ensemble.

Frank Henning, Künstlerbuch + Fotografien + Objekte zum Tod in Venedig von Thomas Mann
ISBN: 978-3-746787-29-9
116 P., Hardcover, DIN A4, illustrated throughout
German with English translation
49,95 €
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"Frank Hennings interpretation of "Death in Venice", written by Thomas Mann in 1911, shows impressively the artistic confrontation with literature and wants to enable a closer look at the beauty of this work."

"An eye-catcher of the exhibition..."
Nadine Quadt, Bonner Generalanzeiger