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Pleinair Painting Courses

The painting courses take place within a radius of about 100 kilometers to Nümbrecht, e.g. also in Bonn and Cologne. A course lasts about 5 hours, during which I will advise you parallel to the practical painting.

Depending on the weather, the dates may change at short notice. The location is previously agreed by phone and by email.

You need water-soluble oil colors, canvas and easel.

As the courses take place in pleasant weather conditions outdoors, you usually need headgear and suntan lotion. Autan can also be useful.

The number of participants is limited to max. 6 people.

1 participant: 190 € - 5 hours

2 participants: 165 € / person

from 3 participants: 150 € / person

Phone: 0178 - 6493582

Please also read the terms and conditions

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Painting Course in autumn

You like a painting ...

If you like a painting and you would like to purchase it, please contact me by email or by phone.

You get every artwork signed and titled on the back.

All prices on request.

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